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February 5th, 2007 (09:18 pm)

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Let's see...Wednesday I have an essay exam on Death of a Salesman. Monday next week I have a multiple-choice/true-false exam for comparative neurobiology. And then on Wednesday (Valentines Day D:) an exam for animal physiology.

XD I'm up to my ears in reading, but it's not that bad. I'm reviewing comparative neuro, and luckily the first few chapters are basically review from basic biology. Animal physio is similar, but mainly from class notes so there's only review involved. The hardest part about the comparative neuro class is all the supplemental material he posted on blackboard that we have to read - but it's quite interesting really, and it does help in understanding the class material. At the same time I'm working on memorizing organic chemistry - that class overwhelms me sometimes with the rest of the courses I'm taking, so I've opted to do memorization instead of comprehension at this point. I think that if I memorize and get a good grade on the exam, I'll breathe easier. :D Death of a Salesman I think I'll brood over for the next day - I've been doing that for the past week in preparation so it's not that bad.

I'm sure I'll be fine! Daijoubu! :D

Tomorrow I have a meeting with my orgo professor - he's boring but he's a good guy. After that me and Court are going to Starbucks to go and study for AniPhys and then we're off to Unos for lunch. After that I'm meeting mom to have tea and more studying after that!

Today was so cold, even though I bundled up very well. Actually I thought I did, but I forgot to put on a pair of leggings under my jeans and the wind cut right through them. X_X; :D But I put a pair on after morning classes and then I was fine - although parts of my skin are so sensitive now they're tender to touch. D: On a funny note, it's so cold that I get phonecalls from friends on campus instead of them hiking (and me hiking) across a ten-minute walk to go see them. XD And I made it to class in record time - I left early and got to class with more than 10 minutes to spare - I must've sprinted!

Me and Erin planned for a possible trip coming up, and had some conversations while debating on what to do for housing next year. Housing is expensive...we were considering finding an apartment off-campus or something, but the ones we found for a good deal are in a sketchy part of the city. X____X;

:D Me gonna do more reading now and then sleep so I can wake early. Busy day tomorrow!

Take care!