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February 22nd, 2007 (10:34 pm)

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:D Got my exams back (though I refuse to check my comparative neuro exam score) and all As.

:D Got a package from Coro-kun for Valentine's Day - a card and chocolates. XD He should be with someone by now, he's too sweet! And and and, he gives GREAT chocolates, I give him my stamp of approval! (My favorite is between the macciato and cappucino truffle.) :D Gonna send him something for White Day (yes I think it's backwards lol but to be fair, it's not celebrated here in the states). Although I have to get it out pronto if it's going to arrive there in time.

:D Vacation is in one week and I just had a long weekend.

:D Gotta finish this lab and then I'm clear...well, another minor lab to be written next week, and a big long lab report to be written during the vacation...but it's okay. Actually now that I think about it I also have another report due for compneuro, but later...though I should start working on it now.

:D The weather has been really good so far! Actually now it's cold again and a little snowy but it's okay. It was warm the past two days to the point where I was running around jacketless.

:D And Meredith is alive. <3 And together with Derek. Greys Anatomy ftw! XD I cried for most of that episode.

And I can't think anymore, gonna go finish my lab.

Addendum: watched a play that was required for my theatre and society class called "The Death of May MacAllister" Pretty good for a new play, but I felt that it dragged just slightly.


Posted by: Ren (egnirysdetcejni)
Posted at: February 27th, 2007 02:39 am (UTC)

Good job! ^^

Yay, you got chocolates! Eat some for me (though by now they are probably all gone...)

What are you doing on vacation?

Posted by: Rin (ikouyoikouyo)
Posted at: March 2nd, 2007 04:53 am (UTC)
Surprised Li

Okay one of the chocolates I ate before was for you. XD

;____; Writing papers and planning for more schooling after I graduate. XD What are you up to?

Posted by: Ren (egnirysdetcejni)
Posted at: March 5th, 2007 02:10 am (UTC)

YAY! *hugs*

Oooh that sounds fun! And I'm wondering what the hell I'm going to be doing now... plans may have changed.

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